Use cache for authentication

hello, I use mysql for authentication(use ejabberd 17.08), can I use cache for authentication? how do that?
thank you.

Reading the documentation, it

Reading the documentation, it appears you can enable the option auth_use_cache which is mentioned only here:

And then use the options mentioned here:

If you try, please comment what you see in your experiments!

thank you, when I enable

thank you,
when I enable option auth_use_cache,

auth_method: sql
auth_use_cache: true

user1 does'nt exist in mysql , and try to login :

[info] <0.1443.0>@ejabberd_c2s:handle_auth_failure:446 (tls|<0.1442.0>) Failed c2s SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication for from ::FFFF: Invalid username or password

I insert user1 to mysql and don't register from ejabberd and again failed authentiation, It needs clear cache using clear_cache or I have to register from ejabberd.
Is it bug? If users don't exist in mysql and try to connect(fail authentication), then insert to mysql but still failed authentication, I have to clear cache to connect and success authentication. if user exist in mysql and user users wrong password not happend.

Hello, how to show cache data

Hello, how to show cache data in mod_last and mod_privacy?

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