Ejabberd MUC Administration

I installed ejabberd on our company (Debian Server). I use web app to administration but have problem with rooms.
I created rooms using the ejabberdctl (muc module), I can assign affiliations to users etc.
But when i want to create room for each our section in company i need do it by PSI XMPP client.
From command line i dont know how to set room options like (only members, password protected etc.)

When i run
ejabberdctl get_room_options room_name muc_service
it returns "not known" ...

Is any way to administrate rooms from CLI or other web application or the only way is using xmpp client like PSI?

My goal is create rooms for each section and assign people to them and add permament to they contacts list.

Sorry for my language.

And does that room exist? Is

And does that room exist? Is it listed in the ejabberd WebAdmin? What ejabberd version are you using? How do you create the room? What is the module configuration in the config file?

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