populate roster groups

Hello @everyone

I'm in the process of deploying a clustered ejabberd service, and I'm having a few issues.

Any level of help and guidance provided will be appreciated.

1. I already have my user's base. I would like ejabberd to use it for:
a) authentication: that's ok with external authentication plugin
b) rosted groups: (that's still a mistery) I'd like ejabberd to populate the contact list for a given domain with all the users from my users db.

I'll send other questions later.

Thank you very much.


Webert Lima
DevOps Engineer at MAV Tecnologia
Belo Horizonte - Brasil


EDIT: that is a quite old

EDIT: that is a quite old post (2005). Wonder if that's still the case.



"This feature requires internal authentication. If you use external authentication, LDAP... then adding @all@ to a shared roster group will do nothing."

which means I have to found some alternate solution.

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