Renaming users

I have a small internal Ejabberd installation runnning on Debian 9 (so it's version 16.09-4 from the repositry) with roughly 20 users. I'm using the internal database. The users all have names like a.smith@myxmpp.

Now some people are going to marry and change their last names. So a.smith@myxmpp has to become a.miller@myxmpp.

What I'd like to do is changing the respective user names and all the buddy lists they are included in. There seems to be no way to edit this directly.

But when I look at the documentation and some other topics I think that this could work:

1. Do a plain text backup
2. Edit all smith to miller using a text editor.
3. Stop the Ejabberd server.
4. Delete everything from /var/lib/ejabberd/
5. Start the Ejabberd server.
6. Generate a new admin account.
7. Do a plain text restore of the edited plain text backup.

Or am I missing something?

Perfect idea, and the

Perfect idea, and the simplest one.

Just remember in step 4 to move the database contents, not delete them (just in case there's some problem in the restore, and you want to start all the process again).

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