mod_logdb - Log User Messages to DB

Name: mod_logdb
Purpose: Log user messages to DB (mnesia, mysql or pgsql)
Author: Oleg Palij malik
Type: Module and patch
Requirements: ejabberd 2.x.x / XX.XX
Download: mod_logdb page

This module sniffs all the user messages send through ejabberd. It logs messages to selected database (mnesia, mysql, pgsql). The logged messages can be viewed through ejabberd web admin interface. Module settings and per user settings can be changed by admin/user via ad-hoc commands. User logging settings can be changed via web admin console.

Note that this module is intended for administrators that need to log their users. It is not possible for the users to view their own messages (you can install the web application Jorge for that topic).

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Compatibility issue

will this module work for ejabberd version 16.01.142. and also can you please help me to write its configuration in yml file.

Thanks in advance !!

WIth version 14.15 how to

WIth version 14.15 how to config for ejabberd.yml ?

ejabberd 13.12 support

Does this support ejabberd 13.12? Any ETA on its compatibility update?

Does this work with

Does this work with ejabberd-2.1.5? I applied the patch, built ejabberd, installed it and configured mod_logdb but somehow the tables do not appear on the specified host.
Or is the use of odbc for the whole jabber server a dependency for that?

Turn on query logging in mysql

Turn on query logging in mysql to see if jabberd is even reaching the database.

In web interface im not

In web interface im not getting the message of the user. While executing the command
sudo ejabberdctl ejabberd@localhost vhost copy_messages mysql all
im getting msg as "Error : unknown_command".

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