mod_monitor_web - HTTP page with status

Name: mod_monitor_web
Purpose: Provide an HTTP page with simple status information
Author: Badlop
Type: Module
Requirements: ejabberd 2.1.*
Download: mod_monitor_web.erl

Download, compile and install the module. Then configure it like this:

{listen, [
  {5280, ejabberd_http, [
                         {request_handlers, [
                           {["monitor"], mod_monitor_web},
                           {["jwchat"], mod_http_fileserver}

Example queries:

  • Get the list of available tests: http://localhost:5280/monitor/
  • Test if mnesia is running: http://localhost:5280/monitor/mnesia/
  • Test if all the tests are correct: http://localhost:5280/monitor/all/

A test returns 1 if it is successful, 0 if it fails.

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