mod_mam - Message Archive Management (XEP-0313)

I searched archiving module for ejabberd 14.12 (mod_archive, XEP-0136) but not find solultion

And then i found alternative for it - is mod_mam XEP-0313

I made fork for ejabberd github, and add mod_mam (XEP-0313-0.2, in it, module keep messages in MongoDB

Module i found here: , it have forks with ODBC, but i not test it

mod_mam - Message Archive

There's now a MAM module in the ejabberd-contrib repository.

how to it is works i try but

how to it is works i try but failed ? how version ejabberd and how to install mod mam kongo2002
best regards

We never used mod mam kongo

We never used mod mam kongo 2002 as no one here use mongodb. Contact directly the developer if you need help.

For mod_mam from contribs, it seems already well documented:

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