Why do I get Eshell when I launch ejabberd?

hi everybody
I have some troubles with ejabberd, and it is because of my leak of knowledge of erlang.

A few days ago, when i start ejabberd, everything was ok. But now, when i launch start.cmd it says:
Starting ejabberd...
Eshell V5.6.4 (abort with ^G)

What can I do? Why do I have this shell prompt?

You can try to reinstall

No idea why.

You can try this:

  1. Copy all your ejabberd installation directory to a safe place. That way you have a safe copy of all your data.
  2. Now uninstall ejabberd. It will keep the configuration, logs and database files.
  3. Install ejabberd in the same directory.
  4. Check that the configuration and database files are the good ones.
  5. Now it should start correctly again


Ok thanks. Now it works, it was because I modified a bit the conf file, by replacing with the original one it works.

** EDIT: that's ok, the other issue was a bug of mine, not a ejabberd setting mistake **

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