MSN Transport Problems

Some months ago I installed and configure ejabberd and pymsnt, everythng was working fine.
I reinstalled my server and so i reinstalled ejabberd with pymsnt and I cant log in to msn. What is driving me mad is the fact the I got it running once and now, with the same config files I cant.
I can also telnet msn from the server, the error I get I get it with or without firewall.

I get this error:

Failed to connect to MSN servers: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : Timeout

ejabber conf:
% MSN Transport
{5347, ejabberd_service, [{ip, {127,0,0,1}},
{access, all},
{host, "", [{password, "secret"}]}]},


<!-- The JabberID of the transport -->
<!-- The public IP or DNS name of the machine the transport is running on -->
<!-- This is needed for file transfer!! This is also used as the IP address for outgoing connections -->
<!-- The component JID of the transport. Unless you're doing clustering, leave this alone -->
<!-- <compjid>msn1</compjid> -->
<!-- The name of the transport in the service discovery list. -->
<!-- <discoName>MSN Transport</discoName> -->

<!-- The Twisted reactor to choose. Pick poll or epoll on Linux, kqueue on BSD. Or leave as default (best found) -->
<!-- <reactor>poll</reactor> -->

<!-- The IP address of the main Jabber server to connect to -->
<!-- The TCP port to connect to the Jabber server on (this is the default for Jabberd2) -->
<!-- The authentication token to use when connecting to the Jabber server -->
MSN_PROTOCOL_VERSION = "MSNP11" # protocol version
MSN_PORT = 1863 # default dispatch server port
MSN_MAX_MESSAGE = 1664 # max message length
MSN_CVR_STR = "0x040c winnt 5.1 i386 MSNMSGR 7.0.0777 msmsgs"
MSN_AVATAR_GUID = "{A4268EEC-FEC5-49E5-95C3-F126696BDBF6}"
MSN_MSNFTP_GUID = "{5D3E02AB-6190-11D3-BBBB-00C04F795683}"
MSN_MAXINT = 2**31 - 1

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