I want to move ejabberd from machine1 to machine2, so I dumped the Mnesia database of machine1 to a file. I installed ejabberd on machine2, but when I try to restore the Database using the dump, I get this error:

$ ejabberdctl restore /var/lib/ejabberd/backup-200510
{"init terminating in do_boot",
        {{continuation,<244.386.0>,8192,<<7 bytes>>},[],8185}},
init terminating in do_boot ()


Your problem may be that you created the dump file with a specific version of Erlang and you are trying to restore (load, recover) it using a significantly different version. It has been reported that this problem occurs when dumping with Erlang R10-B7 and loading with an old Erlang R8.


Install on the new machine the same Erlang version that was used to generate the dump. Then try again to restore from the backup file.

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