Expected Client Features

Next table shows all examined features (*):

Feature Available Not available
Stability x1 x0
Service Discovery (including opening admin-only disco nodes) x1 x0
Data Forms x1 x0
In-Band Registration x1 x0
Connecting without problems to an ejabberd server x1 x0
Jabber-only client (**) x1 x0
Blocking Communication (Privacy Rules) +3
xml:lang +3
Publish-Subscribe +3
SRV Records with priority and failover +3
Multi-User Chat +2
Jabber HTTP Polling +2
Statistics Gathering +2
Translations +1
Icon Styles +1
Avatars +1
Multiple platforms +1

(*) The main reason for this list, is to help people using ejabberd. This means, for example, that we should be able to point users to clients that have at least Service Discovery support, as ejabberd only support that newer protocol. Accordingly, the features in the table might look subjective in your eyes.

(**) Support for other protocols via external, not included plugins is allowed. There are a few reasons why multi-protocol clients will not be listed:

  • Practical:

    • There already is a list that includes all clients, we try to not just duplicate it. Instead, we try to provide a limited list to suit another audience needs.
    • We have no time to test all clients.
    • The chance that Jabber-only clients release a client with major issues in the Jabber support is much lower than multi-protocol clients doing this.
  • Others:

    • ejabberd is an open standards compliant Jabber/XMPP server. Therefore, we want to support clients that rely for 100% on the Jabber/XMPP protocol as they need a server such as ejabberd. (compare it with Microsoft not supporting the "AIM protocol")
    • Jabber-only clients are much more dynamical to support newer Jabber protocols. We support Jabber-only clients over multi-protocol clients because in this way the Jabber/XMPP community can enhance at a higher speed (more testers and contributors for these new features) and with really new features (not just copying what the proprietary networks used by the multi-protocol clients can do). Also, ejabberd will have more people then to test its new features.
    • To give multi-protocol client projects the signal that Jabber/XMPP support is more important.
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