Install JLogger to log messages

JLogger is a highly customizable jabber transport for logging messages passed over jabber server. It has different kind of filters and possibilities to save captured messages. It consider from two parts: JLogger (transport that logs messages) and JLogger-Web (front-end with web interface).

Both projects are available on github:

  1. Install cpanminus

  2. Install JLogger

    cpanm -S JLogger

  3. Configure EJabberd

    Edit ejabberd.cfg and add this line to the 'modules' section:
    {mod_service_log, [{loggers, [""]}]},

    Add this to 'listen' section to make ejabberd listen for JLogger connections:

      {5526, ejabberd_service, [
          {ip, {127, 0, 0, 1}},
          {access, all},
              [{password, "secret"}]}
  4. Install database schema

    Pick right schema for your database and install it

  5. Configure JLogger

    Create configuration file "/etc/jlogger.yaml" from original and configure it according to server settings.

  6. Start JLogger

    Debian users could setup init.d script

        wget -O /etc/init.d/jlogger
        chmod +x /etc/init.d/jlogger
        /etc/init.d/jlogger start
        update-rc.d jlogger defaults
  7. Install JLogger-Web

    • Get latest JLogger-Web

              git clone git://
              git submodule update --init
    • Install ObjectDB2 (not yet on CPAN)

      cpanm -S

    • Install JLogger::Web dependecies

      cpanm -S --installdeps .

    • Create config file and edit it

      cp jlogger-web.yaml{.example,}

    • Start JLogger::Web


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