Install Components and Transports to Other Networks

For several external components there is a tutorial with installation and configuration instructions for ejabberd listed at the end of this page. If you run an add-on component that is not yet listed, you are welcome to add a comment to this page in which you:

  • Indicate that the component is running well.
  • Contribute draft instructions that can be used to write a complete tutorial.
  • Mention eventual pitfalls you have encountered and how you have solved them.
  • Say anything else you consider interesting.

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Protect External Component Passphrase?

to get the external component to work you need to store the component's passphrase in plain text in the ejabberd.cfg file. has anyone found a way to protect the passphrase? are there any alternatives to storing the passphrase in the ejabberd.cfg in plain text? thank you.

Google Talk transport

For people wondering why there is not tutorial for gtalk (Google Talk), it is simply not needed as the Google Talk service is using the same open protocol as ejabberd, or any other XMPP server. In fact, Google Talk is an XMPP server! This means that Google Talk interoperability will work out-of-the-box with ejabberd. Nothing special is needed for federation!

In case you have troubles though, you might want to read the FAQ entry about DNS SRV Records issues.


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