SunOne (old iPlanet) webserver

Hi all,

Has anyone tried using ejabberd over the SunOne webserver ? I am not sure what the mod_redirect and mod_proxy equivalents for Apache in SunOne webserver are but am assuming i basically need a way to figure out the equivalent of the following in SunOne:

RewriteRule ^/http-poll/ http://chat-server-host-name:5280/http-poll/ [P]

Appreciate any help.

You only need a webserver if

You only need a webserver if you want to run JWChat or MUCkl...?


Need webserver for custom implementation

Thanks for the replies badlop and sander. I am running an application that has a custom implementation over the JsJAC libraries (same are the basis for JWChat) and connecting to ejabberd; hence need a webserver.

badlop, the package that you referred to above won't work for me as i have to show that my implementation works over Apache, IIS and SunOne webservers. I have already gotten it working with Apache and IIS and so want to know the config for SunOne. I also posted the question on the JWChat forums if other application developers know about it.

If i find a solution, i will post it here too for future reference.

SunOne works too, need reverse proxy plugin

Hey guys,

SunOne works with JsJAC or JWChat, need reverse proxy plugin. The instructions are at:

- Basically need to obtain the (UNIX) or passthrough.dll (Windows) file. If using SunOne webserver 6.0, this file can be obtained by downloading the evaluation version of SunOne application server 7.0
- Update the magnus.conf and obj.conf files for the SunOne webserver as mentioned in the link above to configure the redirect proxy.

I guess you prefer to avoid

I guess you prefer to avoid installing an additional full web server (like Apache, Apache 2...), by using your existing one (SunOne).

If you don't find the correct configuration for SunOne, you can try YawsPack since it includes a minimal webserver: no need to compile, no need to install several directories, no need to configure.

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