Known Deployments

Here is a list of known Jabber servers running ejabberd. Some servers were installed for the first time and others were migrated from jabberd 1.4, jabberd2, WPJabber, Wildfire, or Jabber XCP. If you want to add, remove or modify the information about a server please add a comment.

Note that this list is NOT intended to provide a list of public and free servers on which you can create a Jabber account. However, the intention of this list is to promote ejabberd. If you want to create a Jabber account, check the list of Jabber/XMPP servers at The XMPP Federation.

The XMPP Federation has a list of public ejabberd servers where you can submit your Jabber server or search for a public server near you to register a free account.

Public Servers

Server Date Previous Software Location Details 2006, May jabberd2 France Instant Messaging Jabber Server with notification on your cell phone 2005, April jabberd 1.4 monitor 2005, December none status details on Wikipedia Gajim instructions Germany Germany Belgium 2006, September Germany AnnouncementIt also hosts Gamers Own Instant Messenger. Hosted by Poland Portugal hosted by 3GNTW - Tecnologias de Informação, Lda (monitor) 2005, September jabberd2 Poland hosted by ASTER 2006 jabberd 1.4 Belgium 2005, September WPJabber Czech Republic monitor Russia 2006, May jabberd2 Spain Details 2005, September jabberd 1.4 monitor Russia Russia 2005, October jabberd 1.4 Italy monitor 2005, October jabberd2 Austria Details Poland 2005, April jabberd2 Norway hosted by Interhost ANS Since February 2006 until January 2010 jabberd 1.4 and propietary client connection manager of Jabber, Inc.. After 4 years, it was migrated to a proprietary XMPP server. Jabber server of the Jabber Software Foundation. It is the most long-running server ever, since 1999. (newspost, monitor) 2006, June jabberd2 Australia (Perth) announcement, monitor USA (California) University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) 2004, October jabberd 1.4 Used by some old internet dogs (IESG, IAB, amongst others). Please add at least an email address to your vCard. Russia
Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe Russia large deployment, monitor Sweden (Gothenburg) details Russia monitor Russia monitor Belgium Belgian students' union, they prefer only usage of their users. Netherlands XS4ALL, ISP. (monitor) Germany 2004, October WPJabber Spain monitor 2005, December Wildfire and jabberd2 Spain Germany Spain Czech Republic Russia 2005, January jabberd 1.4 Austria monitor 2006, January jabberd2 open Jabber server for K Desktop Environment (KDE) users and contributors 2005, February jabberd 1.4 Czech Republic monitor 2005, June jabberd 1.4 Netherlands Germany Unlimited Portal 2004, October jabberd 1.4 Netherlands monitor Russia Russia monitor

Non-Public Servers

Server Date Previous Software Location Details
Collaborative Community Publishing for the Cairns District Dbabble Australia (Queensland) It hosts other servers (details).
Corbina Telecom Russia private server for subscribers
Daly Morgan and Associates South Africa (Gauteng)
Doctor Web Russia (Saint Petersburg) antivirus laboratory
ESSTU Russia (Ulan?Ude, Buryatia)
Gajim France Used to test Gajim. Unstable.
Ham 9 Networks USA (San Diego, CA)
Heerema 2006, March Wildfire 2.4/2.5 Netherlands
Instituto Superior Pedagógico «José Martí» de Camagüey Cuba Poland test server for Gadu Gadu Transport, JJIGW (IRC transport) and CJC (Console Jabber Client) USA (North Carolina) Personal/test server for PyICQ-t, PyAIM-t and JWGC for K Desktop Environment (KDE) developers, virtual host of
Lane Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering West Virginia University, USA
Libreria Magisterio Colombia
MailFR 2005, December jabberd 1.4 France private mail, news, and Jabber service.
MXit 2005, October South Africa server for proprietary cell-phone client, large deployment
New Economic School 2003, December jabberd 1.4 Russia (Moscow)
Oskol Politechnical College Russia
Owl Hosting Germany
Saint-Petersburg State University Russia
SAPO 2007, February Jabber XCP Portugal large deployment, blog announcement
Sayan Russia (Sayanogorsk)
STVnet Russia (Moscow) Conferences are public. 2006, August Russia (Zelenograd) Campus network server of MIEE university.
Taganrog State University Russia
Tushino Telecom Russia (Moscow) Conferences are public.
TVER Russia (Tver)
Veganet Russia ISP, ????, ??????.
VolgaLink Russia (Volgograd) ISP
Warsaw University of Technology's Student Union Poland
Wyrd Dreams Internet Solutions
XpL-Clan online gamers and a regular's table
Yandex Corp. Russia largest Russian search engine
ZSMK Russia (Novokuznetsk)

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