Known Deployments

Here is a list of known Jabber servers running ejabberd. Some servers were installed for the first time and others were migrated from jabberd 1.4, jabberd2, WPJabber, Wildfire, or Jabber XCP. If you want to add, remove or modify the information about a server please add a comment.

Note that this list is NOT intended to provide a list of public and free servers on which you can create a Jabber account. However, the intention of this list is to promote ejabberd. If you want to create a Jabber account, check the list of Jabber/XMPP servers at The XMPP Federation.

The XMPP Federation has a list of public ejabberd servers where you can submit your Jabber server or search for a public server near you to register a free account.

Public Servers

Server Date Previous Software Location Details 2006, May jabberd2 France Instant Messaging Jabber Server with notification on your cell phone 2005, April jabberd 1.4 monitor 2005, December none status details on Wikipedia Gajim instructions Germany Germany Belgium 2006, September Germany AnnouncementIt also hosts Gamers Own Instant Messenger. Hosted by Poland Portugal hosted by 3GNTW - Tecnologias de Informação, Lda (monitor) 2005, September jabberd2 Poland hosted by ASTER 2006 jabberd 1.4 Belgium 2005, September WPJabber Czech Republic monitor Russia 2006, May jabberd2 Spain Details 2005, September jabberd 1.4 monitor Russia Russia 2005, October jabberd 1.4 Italy monitor 2005, October jabberd2 Austria Details Poland 2005, April jabberd2 Norway hosted by Interhost ANS Since February 2006 until January 2010 jabberd 1.4 and propietary client connection manager of Jabber, Inc.. After 4 years, it was migrated to a proprietary XMPP server. Jabber server of the Jabber Software Foundation. It is the most long-running server ever, since 1999. (newspost, monitor) 2006, June jabberd2 Australia (Perth) announcement, monitor USA (California) University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute (ISI) 2004, October jabberd 1.4 Used by some old internet dogs (IESG, IAB, amongst others). Please add at least an email address to your vCard. Russia
Fellowship of Free Software Foundation Europe Russia large deployment, monitor Sweden (Gothenburg) details Russia monitor Russia monitor Belgium Belgian students' union, they prefer only usage of their users. Netherlands XS4ALL, ISP. (monitor) Germany 2004, October WPJabber Spain monitor 2005, December Wildfire and jabberd2 Spain Germany Spain Czech Republic Russia 2005, January jabberd 1.4 Austria monitor 2006, January jabberd2 open Jabber server for K Desktop Environment (KDE) users and contributors 2005, February jabberd 1.4 Czech Republic monitor 2005, June jabberd 1.4 Netherlands Germany Unlimited Portal 2004, October jabberd 1.4 Netherlands monitor Russia Russia monitor

Non-Public Servers

Server Date Previous Software Location Details
Collaborative Community Publishing for the Cairns District Dbabble Australia (Queensland) It hosts other servers (details).
Corbina Telecom Russia private server for subscribers
Daly Morgan and Associates South Africa (Gauteng)
Doctor Web Russia (Saint Petersburg) antivirus laboratory
ESSTU Russia (Ulan?Ude, Buryatia)
Gajim France Used to test Gajim. Unstable.
Ham 9 Networks USA (San Diego, CA)
Heerema 2006, March Wildfire 2.4/2.5 Netherlands
Instituto Superior Pedagógico «José Martí» de Camagüey Cuba Poland test server for Gadu Gadu Transport, JJIGW (IRC transport) and CJC (Console Jabber Client) USA (North Carolina) Personal/test server for PyICQ-t, PyAIM-t and JWGC for K Desktop Environment (KDE) developers, virtual host of
Lane Department of Computer Science & Electrical Engineering West Virginia University, USA
Libreria Magisterio Colombia
MailFR 2005, December jabberd 1.4 France private mail, news, and Jabber service.
MXit 2005, October South Africa server for proprietary cell-phone client, large deployment
New Economic School 2003, December jabberd 1.4 Russia (Moscow)
Oskol Politechnical College Russia
Owl Hosting Germany
Saint-Petersburg State University Russia
SAPO 2007, February Jabber XCP Portugal large deployment, blog announcement
Sayan Russia (Sayanogorsk)
STVnet Russia (Moscow) Conferences are public. 2006, August Russia (Zelenograd) Campus network server of MIEE university.
Taganrog State University Russia
Tushino Telecom Russia (Moscow) Conferences are public.
TVER Russia (Tver)
Veganet Russia ISP, ????, ??????.
VolgaLink Russia (Volgograd) ISP
Warsaw University of Technology's Student Union Poland
Wyrd Dreams Internet Solutions
XpL-Clan online gamers and a regular's table
Yandex Corp. Russia largest Russian search engine
ZSMK Russia (Novokuznetsk)

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Public Servers

Software: ejabberd 16.03
Previous software: the first choice was ejabberd
Transports/Additional: PyICQt
Language: En
Location: Netherlands
Date: 2016, March
Ports: 5222 TLS

Jabber server

Date: 2011, October
Software: ejabberd 2
Transports/Additional: ICQ, IRC
Language: Ukrainian
Location: Ukraine

Public jabber server

Software: ejabberd 2.1.5
Previous software: the first choice was ejabberd :-)
Transports/Additional: PyICQt, IRC Transports
Language: Russian
Location: Kurgan, Russian
Date: 2010, November
Ports: 5222, 5223

Public jabber server

Website: including a password recovery tool.
Date: 2009, June
Previous software: none
Software: ejabberd 2
Transports/Additional: ICQ, IRC
Language: Ukrainian
Location: United Kingdom

Public Server

Date: 2008
Previous Software: Openfire
Location: Russia (Zheleznodorozhniy)

public server

This server has been running since 2006.
server: (website at
date: since October 2006
prev. software: none
location: vienna, austria
details: ejabberd 1.1.4. We also provide a JWChat installation. More details see here.

New Jabber Server based on ejabberd

Public server for everyone with transports to icq, aim, msn and yahoo using python transports and JMC for mail notification (POP3 or IMAP, also with SSL) to your roster.

Software: ejabberd
Previous software: the first choice was ejabberd :-)
Transports/Additional: PyICQt, PyAIMt, PyMSNt, PyYIMt, JMC and mod_webpresence
Language: German
Location: Cologne, Germany
Date: 2008, June
Website: including a password recovery tool if you lose your passoword
Ports: 5222, 5223 and 443

public server:

server: (domain:, xmpp-records exist)
date: 2007, November
previous software: -
location: Nuernberg (Germany)

public server:

date: 2007, September
previous software: openfire
location: Russia (Moscow)

previous software: none
location: France

date: 2005, September
previous software: jabberd2
location: Russia (Moscow)

The communication & planing software contains also IM service based on ejabberd server. Service is available on 10000 registered users so far. Located in US (Dallas).


Version 1.1.3
free registration available on

Version: ejabberd 1.1.2
Localtion: Rivne, Ukraine
Public: yes
Comment: Free access for UkrWest.Net subscribers.
- Slovak jabber server
- public server
- migrated from jabberd 1.4 to ejabberd (december 2006) migrated

Since 02-nd august 2008 the server is running on new HW at new location and with new version of ejabberd.
- migrated from ejabberd 1.x to ejabberd 2.0.1-4 (GNU/Linux Debian Lenny)

Linux Debian Lenny


Is it possible to migrate ejabberd from 2.0.1-6 to 2.0.4-1 (GNU/Linux Debian Lenny) please?


Linux Debian Lenny

There is not ejabberd 2.0.4 in official Lenny repositories.
If you need version higher then the official 2.0.1 you can use backports: see .
Migration to minor version change should not be problematic.

Server 1:

since June 2006
somewhere in the United States...

A chat server for a website of Japanese language learners. Running ejabberd from the start, with a few patches to Erlang to run on a shared hosting account (restricted ports/ip bindings).

Trying to provide JWChat (or other web chat) via Yaws due to no Apache available. Eagerly awaiting easy multi-platform Voice/Video chat clients based on XMPP. :)

Server 2:

since March 2006
University of Southern California - Network Operations Chat
Los Angeles, CA USA

Internal chat server. ( - non-public - Campus network server of MIEE university - Russia,Zelenograd

mine fifth cents

private (Veganet ISP Клин, Россия

[PHCN] now use ejabberd *PUBLIC*

If you want, you can add also our server.

Server: (Port 5222 and 5223 for SSL)

Everyone is welcome!

One more private

One more private server: running ejabberd 0.9.0

update for ejabberd servers list


+ (Ivanovo, Russia) (

Local nets

+ (Moscow, Russia) (registration only for local net users, сonferences are public)
+ (Moscow, Russia) (same status as above)


+ (Sayanogorsk, Russia)
+ (Ulan–Ude, Russia)
+ (Tver, Russia)
+ (St.Petersburg antivirus laboratory)

Some success stories


The success story is already

The success story is already included in the What do people say page.


New Polish ejabberd server is running ejabber 0.7.5.

Grzegorz Niemirowski

Another public server

The server hosts:

Migrated to ejabberd 0.91 in June 2005

French eJabberd server

Server located in Paris, France, this server hosts the following domain name :

Some basic informations about server hardware is available at :
(detailed statistics, and hardware/software details will appear soon).

This server should soon or later provide wireless access to IM services from a wap-enabled cellphone or pda beside existing j2me/midp, desktop and browser-based clients.

Dutch Privat server

Hi There,

just migrated from wildfire 2.4 / 2.5 to ejabberd.
Although wildfire is moreeasy to configure (great web interface) I migrated to ejabberd because of the virtual host functions, just to support different domains. For the futer I want to make use of the abillity to loadbalance the same domains over several servers.

For the moment:

its runs at with support for MSN



Gizmo Project — uses main gizmo account information


Another public server in Germany

Migrated from jabberd 1.4.4 to ejabberd 0.9.8 on 2005-09-24:

New public Server

at is a new public server located in Germany.

Information about this server can be found at

Private Servers: — Yandex Corp. (largest Russian search engine)

Jabber Australia

Jabber Australia ( has just been migrated to ejabberd from jabberd2. Location: Perth, Australia. Hosted by Ilisys Web Hosting Australia, registration at,

KDETalk — K Desktop Environment (KDE) community where ejabberd is hosting two vitual servers, public and private for KDE developers only. — private server for Corbina Telecom subscribers. - migrated from jabberd 1.4 (with some proprietary connection manager modules) on February 25, 2006 at ~23:10 UTC

A new french ejabberd server

After using jabber 1.4 for 2 years, is now using ejabberd after a fluent and successfull migration. Thanks for this great job ! is a french private (=for friends and their friends) mail - news - jabber service.

Public servers

Chalmers Datorförening can be translated to "Chalmers Computer Society" and is a public jabber server.
Also you may add as a public jabber server too.

public server

hi, (since june '05) migrated from jabberd2 to ejabberd 0.9.8 in the end of october, since sunday now 1.0.0 ;) (thanks for the great work!)
note: for now only a small, but growing userlist


A new ejabberd server is up. It's and the website is : .

The website for JabberQuebec changed too. It's now .

Thank you


New eJabberd Server for Progressive Movement

Below is some info on one of the newest eJabbered Servers serving the Global Progressive Community, please add it to your list...

Server Date Previous Software Location Details 7.10.06 Never/None Arcata, CA Over at & you can for the asking, get private mail, news, forums, personal blogs, a place to upload your videos & progressive presentations, using torrent technology if you want; and eJabberd services in order to let you become a more effective & secure activist on issues that resonate with you...

eJabberd rocks... Seriously! Took a day or 2 to read up on the install, & other interesting bits. And then our thing has a eJabberd service for all to use. Thank you people...

Michael Scott

Yup I'm Liberal... Liberal lib~er~al (lbr-l, lbrl), adj.
1a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views or dogmas; free of bigotry.
b. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.

2. Tending to give freely; generous: a liberal benefactor.

How did you know? Is there a bot asking public servers?

Anyway, we migrated from jabberd1.4 in october. Moreover, the monitor is available.

A new ejabberd server for the community of Cairns in tropical Queensland, Australia on This service will be extensively advertised in the local community as THE im/irc solution of choice. We expect to have several 100's of users in the next couple of months.

The same server also provides jabber services for clients of ANN on Admin and Tech personel use the system exclusively for (dispersed) inter-office communications and to provide Client (tech & admin) support.

Finally the server provides TECH Support for the Mailman listserver subscribers and listowners on

ejabberd was chosen after some experimenting with Dbabble, which, as you may know, is a rather expensive commercial product (that we could simply not afford).

ejabberd, by comparison, stands out above the crowd for sure.

Great stuff Alexey and your team. We are all using Tkabber as the client, too.

new public server migrated to ejabberd

i have just migrated from jd2 to ejabberd: (Europe/Poland), implementation: ~7000 users, 150.000 user contacts.

MXit — server for proprietary cell-phone messager, migrated from jabberd2 on October 2005

(note: also the most actively used ejabberd installation so far: ~15000 users online)

Public server in Canada

Here's a public server in Canada running ejabberd 1.0.0:

Maxime Amyot-Desmarais

ejabberd server

I've got an ejabberd server running at I try and keep reasonably up to date with releases and I run a few transports. Services include MUC, AIM transport, IRC transport, pubsub, vcard, Yahoo! transport (currently not working), and a neutron bot. This is a semi-public server meaning you can create an accout but I would like to know about it so please email trevor at notcows dot com with a subject of "Created jabber account". I like to keep track of who is using the server and it is currently run on a small machine and I don't want it to become overloaded.

There is no bot, it's done manually

There is no bot, it's done manually.

I found it last week by accident when checking some public Jabber servers. All the servers on this page were reported by their admins or were found accidentally.

Ok, I update the information.


Sorry, I forgot to mention the website.
It's (It's in french)

Maxime Amyot-Desmarais

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