Install AIM/ICQ-Transport - Step two and Three

This tutorial explains how you can install AIM/ICQ-Transport, using jabberd,a script, and a configuration file.

  1. Common Instructions for all Transports

    The instructions in this section are common for all transports. Hence, you do not have to repeat them for every transport installation. If you did not yet completed this step, go to Install Obsolete Transports Using jabberd - Step one.

  2. Install AIM/ICQ-Transport

    1. Install the prerequisite libtool1.4:
      apt-get install libtool1.4
    2. Download AIM/ICQ-Transport from CVS:
      cvs -z3 \
      co -Ar stable aim-transport
    3. Enter the extracted directory:
      cd aim-transport
    4. Compile AIM/ICQ-Transport:
      ./bootstrap && ./configure && make
    5. Copy the transport module to /usr/local/lib/jabber/:
      cp src/ /usr/local/lib/jabber/
  3. Configure AIM/ICQ-Transport

    1. Create a symbolic link:
      ln -s /usr/local/sbin/jabberd /usr/local/sbin/jabberd-aim-transport
    2. Drop this transport configuration file for AIM/ICQ-Transport in /etc/jabber/:
      wget -p \
      -O /etc/jabber/aim-transport.xml
    3. Edit the configuration file in your favourite text editor and change at least next values in capital letters:
    4. Put this init script for AIM/ICQ-Transport in the directory /etc/init.d/jabber/:
      wget -p \
      -O /etc/init.d/jabber/aim-transport
    5. Change permissions of this script:
      chmod 755 /etc/init.d/jabber/aim-transport
    6. Add an entry for the AIM/ICQ-Transport in the "Listened ports" section of your ejabberd configuration file (also described in the ejabberd Installation and Operation Guide):
      {5233, ejabberd_service, [{host, "aim.SERVER.COM",
                                     [{password, "SECRET"}]}]},

      Do not forget to change the values in capitals; they need to match to what you specified in aim-transport.xml.

      Remark: No comma needed when it is the last entry. However, all entries before the last one need a comma!

    7. Restart ejabberd to reload the configuration:
      /etc/init.d/ejabberd restart
    8. Start the transport:
      /etc/init.d/jabber/aim-transport start
    9. If all goes well, the transport should be visible now when discovering your server with a Jabber client. :-)

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Problem with compiliation of aim-transport

There is problem when compiling aim-transport (no matter if cvs or snapshot version). gcc-4.0.2 complains about syntax and data types and finally it terminates with compilation error. But gcc-3.3.6 works well.

Also on Debian when you install jabber packages and download aim-transport.xml, you need to fix several settings in this file. At first fix library path and name: /usr/local/lib/jabber/ to /usr/lib/jabber/xdb_file/ Than fix paths to logs to: /var/log/ejabberd.

The last thing is that you need to run aim-transport start under ejabberd privileges (this depends on type of intallation)

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