Authenticate Against SASL

Name: ejabberd_auth_sasl
Purpose: Allows authenticating against SASL
Author: axet
Type: Patch
Requirements: 1.1.2
Download: ejabberd_auth_sasl.diff

How to Apply the Patch

  1. Make sure you have the development files for SASL installed.

    • On Debian you must install the package libsasl2-dev.
  2. Go to the ejabberd source directory: ejabberd/src

  3. Download the patch to that directory

  4. Apply the patch:

    $ patch -p0 < ejabberd_auth_sasl.diff
    patching file
    patching file ejabberd.cfg.example
    patching file
    patching file sasl/ejabberd_auth_sasl.c
    patching file sasl/ejabberd_auth_sasl.erl
    patching file sasl/
    patching file aclocal.m4
  5. Regenerate 'configure':

    $ autoconf
  6. Execute 'configure':

    $ ./configure
    checking whether build sasl... yes
    config.status: creating sasl/Makefile
  7. Compile ejabberd:

    $ make
  8. Instruct ejabberd to use SASL authentication. To do that, edit ejabberd.cfg and modify the auth_mehtod depending on what you want to allow. For example:

    {auth_method, [sasl]}.
  9. Start ejabberd

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Real SASL support?

Any chance that this module could find its way to becoming a real SASL module (as opposed to something that just calls libsasl2 to check passwords)? I actually want to be able to do GSSAPI, so I installed this, and was disappointed when I had to go read the code to find out that it doesn't actually implement SASL at all.


I'm implementing SASL GSSAPI support for ejabberd as a cyrsasl_gssapi module, which in turn uses esasl to authenticate the user instead of using the usual auth backends. I have already uploaded esasl as a patch to jungerl. Where should I upload the ejabberd module when it's ready?

Publish where you prefer

You can publish your contribution on the place you prefer: Bugzilla, blog, personal site, the forum, the mailing list...

Once the code is published, I add a page on Contributions and either link to the original file, or I upload it to this site.


The patches for GSSAPI support can be downloaded from:

They are compatible with SSO as implemented in Spark 2.5.3.

New configuration options:
{sasl_realm, "Kerberos realm"}.

The environment variable KRB5_KTNAME needs to be set before starting ejabberd.
It should contain the principal xmpp/FQDN, when FQDN is the fully qualified host name of the ejabberd server.

Nice! I've added a page to

Nice! I've added a page to describe your contribution: Authenticate Against SASL GSSAPI.

Feel free to edit that page and improve the text, fix links... :)

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