No automatically logged on transport


I installed a transport and connected it to ejabberd. I registered an account on the transport. The problem is that when I login to my Jabber account, I am not automatically logged into the transport. So, I have to manually click on the roster and click 'Log in on this transport'.

How can I configure ejabberd to be automatically logged on the transport?


Probably, ejabberd does not log you automatically on the transport because you have this contact on your roster with 'subscription' = 'none' or 'to'.


If you want to be automatically logged, you must have this transport or your roster with subscription type = 'both' or 'from'.

There are several methods to do that. Maybe you use a Jabber client that allows you to 'grant subscription' to the transport. If your client does not support that, you can try to remove the transport from your roster and add it again.

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