ejabberd_http_bind - HTTP Binding (XEP-0124)

Name: ejabberd_http_bind
Purpose: HTTP Binding
Author: Stefan Strigler
Type: Listener
Requirements: ejabberd 1.1.1 or ejabberd 1.1.2
Download: Bugzilla or ejabberd-modules

Install guide

  1. Download the patch to ejabberd directory
  2. Apply with patch -p0<ejabberd111_httpbind_20060616.patch
  3. configure and compile ejabberd:
  4. Enable http-bind on ejabberd.cfg, for example:
      {5280, ejabberd_http,    [http_poll, http_bind, web_admin]},
  5. Start ejabberd. If everything went ok, on the ejabberd log file there will appear:
    =PROGRESS REPORT==== 30-Oct-2006::13:10:53 ===
              supervisor: {local,ejabberd_listeners}
                 started: [{pid,<0.249.0>},
  6. Now point an HTTP-Bind enabled application to address http://yourserver:5280/

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it's also required to add {mod_http_bind, []}, in the module list ({modules, ).

Otherwise, even if http://yourserver:5280/ answers a web page, http_bind doesn't truly work.

patching Windows

Is there a way to patch Windows versions?

does it works for ejabberd

does it works for ejabberd 1.1.4?

http-bind is part of the

http-bind is part of the upcoming ejabberd 2.0, to my knowledge. It is not supported with ejabberd 1.1.4.

not work for ejabbered 1.1.4

vinnitu wrote:

does it works for ejabberd 1.1.4?

not work for ejabbered 1.1.4

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