Install Obsolete Transports Using jabberd - Step one

This tutorial explains how you can install the obsolete transports

To reach this goal, jabberd, scripts, and configuration files will be used.

Remark: Debian users also can use TeopeTuK's unofficial Debian APT repository. This repository contains several transports with optimized settings to work together with ejabberd or any other Jabber/XMPP server that supports external transports. So, these packages are better than the ones included in the official Debian repositories as the latter only work with jabberd 1.4.

  1. Common Instructions for all Transports

    The instructions in this section are common for all transports. Hence, you do not have to repeat them for every transport installation.

    1. Rip the Needed Parts of jabberd

      1. Install the prerequisites GNU Pth 1.4.0 (or newer) and libexpat, the XML parsing C library:
        • Debian:
          apt-get install libpth-dev libexpat1-dev
      2. Download jabberd
        wget -p \
        -O jabberd-
      3. Extract the source:
        tar jxvf jabberd-
      4. Enter the extracted directory:
        cd jabberd-
      5. Compile jabberd 1.4:
        ./configure && make

        Remark: You do not need to enable SSL and IPv6 support.

      6. Copy the binaries to the right locations:
        cp jabberd/jabberd /usr/local/sbin/
        mkdir /usr/local/lib/jabber/
        cp xdb_file/ /usr/local/lib/jabber/
    2. Creating Directories and a Daemon User

      1. Create the user 'ejabberd':
        adduser ejabberd

        Remark: if you installed ejabberd via APT, this step can be skipped.

      2. Create some directories:
        mkdir /etc/jabber /etc/init.d/jabber /var/log/jabber \
        /var/run/jabber /var/spool/jabber
      3. Change file permissions:
        chmod o-rx /var/log/jabber/
        chown ejabberd /var/log/jabber/ /var/run/jabber /var/spool/jabber
  2. Transport Instructions

    Click on the transport you want to install to proceed to the transport specific instructions:

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Transport setup instructions for Windows XP machine

Hi All,

I have installed ejabberd ver. 2.0.3 (using: ejabberd-2.0.3-windows-installer.exe) in Windows XP machine.
I want to intall transports for Yahoo, MSN and AIM but I do not find proper instructions for setting up them in Windows XP machine.

Could anyone help me out?

I appreciate much if anyone could help me soon.


Hello, To my knowledge they


To my knowledge they all should work with ejabberd, yes.

Mickaël Rémond

ejabberd 2

Are these transports running on ejabberd 2?

I could install pyMSNt and it works well but yahoo transport is giving some errors because it is prepared for jabberd


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