mod_proxy65 - SOCKS5 Bytestreams (XEP-0065)

IMPORTANT: this module was included in ejabberd 2.0.0

Name: mod_proxy65
Purpose: Handle Jabber communications for SOCKS5 Bytestreams
Author: Magnus Henoch
Type: Module + patch
Requirements: ejabberd 1.1.1
Download: Bugzilla

Note that another implementation (by Evgeniy Khramtsov) has been committed to SVN on 2006-10-28.

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how to configure mod_proxy65?

Please someone add here verbose description of mod_proxy65 parameters and what else is needed to successfully run this bytestream proxy on ejabberd. It's not in SVN so I can't find any info there.

Re: how to configure mod_proxy65?

It was commited in the upstream a long time ago. Here is the documentation:

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