mod_rabbiter - bot for microblogging

Name: mod_rabbiter
Purpose: bot for microblogging using ejabberd and RabbitMQ
Author: Tony Garnock-Jones and LShift Ltd.
Type: Module
Requirements: ejabberd and RabbitMQ
Download: Check the Rabbiter Wiki Home for details

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I was reading to your post

I was reading to your post about rabitter and microblogging and recalled one very interesting video. Here is the torrent to it . It touches upon very topical issues that are important for everybody nowadays.

rabbiter crash with 2.1 alpha

initial call: mod_rabbiter:init/1
exception exit: { undef, [{rabbit_amqqueue,list_vhost_queues,[<<"/">>]},

There is a 5672 port listening from ejabberd but rabbitmqclt status shows badrpc nodedown.

Please help!

It seems mod_rabitter not yet compatible with RabbitMQ 2.1 alpha

The problem is that mod_rabitter calls to the function list_vhost_queues of rabbit_amqqueue, but such function was renamed some time ago.

I've reported it to mod_rabitter author. When I get a response, I'll add a comment here.

No. I mean Ejabberd 2.1 alpha.

The RabbitMQ is 1.6.0. Tony's rabbiter was compile to 1.5.x. This may be the problem.

I download rabbitMQ 1.6.0 source, in the rabbit_amqqueue.erl file, there is no list_vhost_queues function. There is a function list/1.

I replace the function list_vhost_queues with the function list, then recompile it.

Now it is working.

The rabbiter bot is taking commands such as *help.


Please add rabbiter@rabbiter.
not rabbitter
not rabbiter@

Another thing:
Perl 5.8.9 not working with jwchat. I upgrade to 5.10. Now it is working.

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