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ejabberd was the first open-source Jabber server with a logo. But that's not all. ejabberd also has a logo history:

old frog-like logo Christmas logo test logo for the feature sheet
1. This is the first ejabberd logo. It represents a frog-like animal sitting on a "Jabber globe bulb", with bat wings, dangerous-looking cogs, and an Erlang suit. This hand-drawn logo was created by Vsevolod Pelipas and has been in use since around 2003 until 28 November 2005. 2. This Christmas logo decorated the Dutch translation of the guide for ejabberd-0.7.5 (23 December 2004). Sander Devrieze based the logo on that of Badlop. 3. The above logo, which was also made by Sander, was used to test the header logo in the feature sheet. But people said it was not suitable to beautify the sheet... :-D
4. he started creating something better. On the right you can see the draft pencil drawing on which the good lines are highlighted with Indian ink. He then scanned that image and vectorized it. For people that might think ejabberd is evil, yes it is! Why? Because the resulting svg file exactly counted 666 nodes, without cheating! :o) made of the logo in the docs
5. For fun he also created a Coca Cola style of the new logo. And of course the logos were 100% made with open-source software. Coca Cola logo


  • A blooper:

    2003-07-14  Alexey Shchepin  <>
    	* doc/Makefile: Added implicit charset specification to hevea
    2005-11-25  Alexey Shchepin  <>
    	* doc/Makefile: Now really added
  • On 31 December 2006, Alexey commited commitment number 700 to ejabberd's Subversion repository. This was the last one before 2007. Is this an Easter Egg?

    <me> is this coincidence or is this an Easter Egg?
    <alexey> I didn't noticed :-)
  • The first cvs commit:

    2003-02-11  Alexey Shchepin  <>
            * (all): Version 0.1-alpha released
  • The first docs:
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