Shared Roster Groups, Virtual Hosts and RegEx


I'm working on a solution for four different virtual hosts. Behind every virtual host is a bot as moderator which each has his own shared roster group - (,,...). On the other side there are Visitor Groups for each virtual host - (i.e.:,,...).

As Frontend I use converse.js and configured it for anonymous login and each virtual host (i.e.:,...) My plan is that every anonymous visitor for his especially domain are only can see the moderator in the especially domain - (i.e: are only can see Bot1, are only can see Bot1 or and are only can see Bot2, are only can see Bot2...)

VH1 -
VH2 -
VH3 -
VH4 -

Bot1 -
Bot2 -
Bot3 -
Bot4 -

That is (for example) the Moderator Group for VH
Displayed Groups:

and the associated Visitors Group for VH
Members: @online@
Displayed Groups:

My expected result are:
The Moderator Bot1 are only see the users from VH & the online Visitor only see the Moderator from VH1 Bot1

But the actual result are:
Bot1 see all the other Visitors from all VH and all the other Moderators from all VH. The user see all the Moderators from all VH.

I'm not so familiar with the regualar expressions but i thought that the @online@ RegEx for the shared roster group is only valid for the virtual host especially!? Strange is that obviously the srg I created in the especially VH are also present in all other VH. In the ejabberd.yml I also configured mod_shared_roster with the append_host_config for each host but my feeling is, it does not matter...

If anyone should understand my problem, I would be very grateful for help.


Ok, i close the question

Ok, i close the question because the answer is Mnesia! Thanks to badlop! He led me to the right way:

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